Energy is the life-blood of an organization and there is nothing more rewarding, motivating and exciting that walking around a business that’s coursing with vitality and vibe.  People are huddled together in small groups working on ‘stuff’. There’s a noticeable hum of human activity.  Everywhere you look there is evidence of innovation and storytelling. Something exciting is afoot. Here are some top tips for how leaders can create this kind of energy.

1. Collaborative creativity

Getting groups together to attack a shared issue is a fun way for people to work together and can create inspiring memories, especially if great ideas that people are proud of emerge.

2. Fame injections

Bringing in celebrity speakers every once in a while makes people feel like an insider and gives them stories to tell when they go home. You’ll never guess what we did today… 

3. Leadership spoofs

It’s funny seeing senior people messing around. It shows lightness and humanity and makes people more engaged and committed. Infrequent stunts are often all it takes.

4. Line-of-sight

The more you can see and feel the buzzing throng of an organization, the more you feel part of it. Zoned-off areas and fields of cubes kill energy because a view of actual people is blocked.

5. Purpose and/or enemy

A higher purpose that describes what the business does for the world can be motivating and results in going the extra mile. As can defining a common enemy that we’re out to destroy.

6. BHAGs

Big – Hairy – Audacious - Goals. A bit of a cliché but everyone knows that it’s exciting to feel like you’re going for something massive a la we’re going to put a man on the moon.

7. Autobiography

Interesting businesses get books written about them and that creates a sense of pride for employees. So why not write your own, or even better co-write it with your people.

8. Clubs

Stimulating and funding clubs across the organization can help connect people in different ways and break down silos. Bring home passion into work and use it to galvanize.

9. Ruthless prioritization

It’s hard to have energy when you’re burning out trying to do a million things with no time or resource. Ultimately the most energized and productive organizations know exactly what to focus on and not to focus on.